Your body is like a car. It carries you.
And in truth…
you are the builder and the mechanic.
Your research, care and effort
will shape the outcome.


How many years should one live?
In the genes it is written 120 years.
And now wonder: how long will YOU live and in which shape?

Do you know that our kids are in danger to live on average 10 years less than us?
What is it that kills us most ?
In the past it used to be infections.
Now the degenerative diseases are the killers:
heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, autoimmune disorders.
And what to do?

If something in your car is really damaged what would your mechanic do? Repair, replace!
When you’re sick and damaged, do you think that the pill that you’re given will repair or replace anything?
Let me share something important with you:
the pill can not replace or repair the damaged parts
but YOU can.

Do you know that, for example, the liver cell renews itself, bit by bit, in just 7 days?
Your body is a wonder:
intelligent design, it repairs and replaces itself
given the time and what it needs and
it is not too late.

Do you really know what that means?

According to the World Health Organization,
the main causes of diseases now in the world are
Ignorance and Complacency.
And I would say Confusion, too.
I can give you the knowledge.
And I can be your guide.
But what you do with it
is only in your hands.

The choice is yours.

“The greatest battles are fought in the mind.”

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