Sharina Sharina was asked by her doctor to go for surgery to shrink her stomach to manage her obesity. Instead, she followed Lili's guidance, lost 10kg in 2 months and saved her stomach. Excerpts from her sharing (edited for grammar): My name is Sharina. I would like to share what I learnt from Lili and … Continue reading Sharina

Lili Elena Dogarel GuideDoctor

I am Lili Elena Dogarel, a Romanian Medical Doctor and Essential Nutrients Expert. I am mother to 3 magnificent beings that I am lucky to call my kids, and wife to Mr. Perfect, enjoying life together since high school. I am a passionate speaker, trainer, coach, dedicated to preventive and integrative medicine. My approach to … Continue reading Lili Elena Dogarel GuideDoctor

Essential Recipes – Salmon Head and Fennel 

This is one dish to live for: yummy, nutritious, perfectly balanced and a fountain of good essential fat - both the omegas. It is said that when life was good and the food was plenty The Vikings used to eat only the fish head, the best part of fish, and throw the rest. If you … Continue reading Essential Recipes – Salmon Head and Fennel