Sharina was asked by her doctor to go for surgery to shrink her stomach. Thanks to Lili’s guidance, she lost 14 kg in 5 months through diet and exercise, and saved her stomach. Excerpts from her sharing (edited for grammar) below.

My name is Sharina. I am pre-diabetic and and doctors in CGH (Changi General Hospital) actually recommended I do bariatric surgery (a surgery procedure to make the stomach smaller). I would like to share what I learnt from Dr Lili and how it has benefited me. Maybe it can also help you.

She told me what I should do. What kind of food I should change and straightaway on the next day, I started the journey.

When I first met her my weight is actually 100.6. Yeah, and then after I do, the next day I lost 2 Kilo. Can you beat that?

In one week I was already at 96.3 Kilo. Of course the first week was the most and then slowly gradually went down.

I had another appointment with CGH. When I went in for my blood test, the result was very good. It was like below 6 yeah. And I lost so much weight also. So the doctor was quite shocked.

In total I have already lost about 14 kg in a matter of (5 months), January, February, March, April, May. Slowly, steadily, but most importantly, my blood result is very good. My clothes I’m not using XXXL anymore. Currently I can even use some of my daughter’s clothes! Yeah! So I think that’s very important.

So I like to tell everyone here that you can reverse diabetes. You can be healthier. You just have to trust the process. Yeah, and be happy with whatever you are doing. I would like to thank Dr Lili for showing me for guiding me and always having trust in me.

One thought on “Sharina

  1. So happy to hear that that you are healthier and happier. Your story will encourage others to take time to take care of themselves in a better way. Dr. Lili is a blessing to us all. She is very knowledgable and generous with her advice and expertise. Take care 🌷

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