Anish had been struggling with diabetes for 20 years until he met Lili. After just 3 months he was off medication and his blood sugar was normal. We interviewed Anish to ask about his experience. Excerpts (edited for grammar) below.

Hi, my name is Anish. I just wanted to share my experience with the journey that I’ve had with Dr Lili and how I’ve come down from almost 102 kilos down to about 91 kilos. My energy levels have shot up through the roof. And not only that, my sugar levels which were round about 11 last year have come down.

Just yesterday I have not had even one medicine or one those of Glucophage and my reading today was 5.1. So obviously I’ve seen some amazing results.

How was the work together?

It was absolutely amazing. Really you’ve been really giving me, you know, the bare facts and you know trying to tell me about how this is going to be important and beneficial for me. So, I love it so far.

Anish a year ago (left) and after working with Lili (right)

Was the feedback I gave you consistently beneficial and useful?

Absolutely. Absolutely. I don’t think I could have done without that. I’m glad that I’ve been off my medicine now and I’m going to be watch my weight and be more mindful about what I eat, what I put in my mouth. It’ll be interesting. Still eating what I like, but in a mindful way. Eating what I still like. And living a healthy life. That’s more important than anything else.

So you feel healthier?

Of course. A lot. Like waist size is down almost 10 inches more or less. Less than what I used to weigh a long time back. But feels so good.

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