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Essential Recipes РSalmon Head and Fennel 

This is one dish to live for: yummy, nutritious, perfectly balanced and a fountain of good essential fat – both the omegas.

It is said that when life was good and the food was plenty The Vikings used to eat only the fish head, the best part of fish, and throw the rest.

If you are a non vegetarian this is one of “the must have dishes”. 


  • One salmon head cut halves. (You can buy at the wet market. Make sure it is salmon; the trout looks like the salmon but the scales are smaller and the taste is of course, different).
  • One fennel – the bulb and the stems 
  • 5 limes 
  • 10 cherry tomatoes
  • Butter (grass-fed), sea salt and cherry tomatoes 


(20 min):

Marinate the fish with salt and herbs for at least 30 min before baking.

Preheat the oven (highest temperature, 225C) Grease the tray with butter and place the salmon pieces in the tray, with the skin on top. Bake for 10 min at 225C.

After 10 min add the sliced fennel (1-2 cm thick slices) and bake for another 10 min 

Take it out – check if it is cooked – add plenty of sliced butter on top of the fennel, sprinkle dry herbs and throw in a handful of cherry tomatoes and limes for a great visual effect and taste.

Serve hot and eat the skin. (Eat the eyes, too if you can – the best form of vitamin A in a huge amount. My husband loves them. ūüėČ It is better to eat than throw, bless the fish.)

It goes very well with:

-a mix of brown and white rice (1-2 tablespoon/portion it is  enough) and 

-Lebanese dressing (paste of garlic, lime juice, certified EVOO and sea salt) 

If you follow a ketogenic diet, forget about the rice, just have a second helping.



  Happy Vegan Journal

This is a vegan lent sample – all the food I ate for 7 consecutive days.

It tastes better than it looks. And it feels great.

The less you eat, the more you appreciate the food…the more you appreciate everything.

Body changes? Few. My skin looks better. My body feels lighter, I lost about 1 kg. My intestinal transit is excellent, no matter if I am stressed or not.

I did not experience any brain fog, extreme hunger or energy drops during the day. So far, so good: this can be very enjoyable 42 days. Even one vegan day makes a difference. It is a change, an experience, and it can be a good one.

Though this is a very down to Earth, simple, easy, and made-to-nourish-not-to-impress menu and exactly what I ate 7 consecutive days (that means a lot of leftovers, I avoid throwing food), I hope you will get some inspiration from it and will help you in your own discovery journey.

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A Word on Veganism 

(Veganism – No Meat and Fish, No Animal Products of any kind like Eggs and Dairy)

WHY do I eat vegan on certain days?

1. I want to eat vegan sometimes, why not?

2. I respect and try to honor in this way my culture’s tradition. Veganism is one traditional way of becoming more self-aware in many world cultures. Anybody can use that, me, too.

Beyond the spiritual effects of this diet, people who practice INTERMITTENT veganism testify that it is also a healthy habit. Those who followed the suggested 6 weeks of proper veganism, the magic 42 days of reset and purification, felt their health status improving. Moreover, the intermittent veganism in this particular form was tested for thousands of years in the culture I grew up in, it passed the test of time, it is perfectly safe. That puts down my doctor’s arguments and fear for nutrients imbalance.

On a personal note I also witnessed this practice in my family throughout the years. It is working. Those who practiced intermittent veganism in my family lived longer and enjoyed a better life quality, against the odds.

3. Some of the medical research I came across revealed that it may have health benefits. “Can lifestyle changes reverse coronary heart disease? The Lifestyle Heart Trial”.

4. I get to eat yummy things that I wouldn’t eat otherwise and makes me appreciate better the food, the days, all things in my life. It is the perfect way to learn and practice gratitude and is one of the paths to self-awareness.

Then WHY NOT eat Intermittently Vegan? Continue reading A Word on Veganism 

Essential Food РEssential Recipe 

Pork – Organ Meat

(If you don’t eat PORK, I will soon share this recipe’s equivalent made with FISH¬†)


In Romanian culture it has the fame to be the best food choice from all pork dishes, most nutritious and precious ‚Äď TOBA.

I deeply disliked it when I was a child. I used to hate the fatty meat and removed all fat from my plate with surgical precision.  But with this particular dish it was difficult because the fat was mixed all over and hard to separate. It was one of my food big challenges because, luckily for me, I liked the non-fatty pieces and tried to eat it.

I had to learn in the medical school that fat is essential, and which fat is the best, to consciously come to better terms with fat and make the effort to eat it.

Now we are good, old friends.

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Cholesterol? Yum! Give me more!

A normal person needs at least 900-1200 mg cholesterol every day in order to stay healthy.

Cholesterol is in the membrane of every single cell and you have to maintain and build up cells every single day. If the cholesterol will disappear from your cells – you will, too.

One egg brings on average about 300 mg of cholesterol. Your liver will have to make the rest from whatever you give to him, spending some precious energy, of course, your choice. Continue reading Eggs

Sprouts РLive Food 

Sprouts – the beginning of a new life, one can only witness in wonder their tremendous energy and wish some of it will pass into our inner being when eating it. If you try it you might feel it, I gratefully do.

As satisfying to eat as it is easy to sprout, this is a simple, light dish that makes me happy to sprout, cook and share with you. Continue reading Sprouts РLive Food 

Healthy Drinks 

Chia Aromatic Bliss and Holly Plums Drink

I try to eat/drink chia seeds and plum as often as I can, every day if I feel happy thinking at having them.

And how not to be happy when I know how good they are for my digestion, blood, bones, skin, hair, you name it?

Here are two simple ways to have them every day Рmy favorites. Enjoy! Continue reading Healthy Drinks