Cholesterol? Yum! Give me more!

A normal person needs at least 900-1200 mg cholesterol every day in order to stay healthy.

Cholesterol is in the membrane of every single cell and you have to maintain and build up cells every single day. If the cholesterol will disappear from your cells – you will, too.

One egg brings on average about 300 mg of cholesterol. Your liver will have to make the rest from whatever you give to him, spending some precious energy, of course, your choice.

My choice breakfast today:

Break gently with the knife the shell of 7-8 quail eggs (today this was the best choice in the store. Could have been better, the white still runns all over the pan, but hey, smile and enjoy, it is still the best food out there).

  Melt a bit of butter and pour your eggs in the fry pan before you burn the butter!)

Let them sizzle for few seconds, watch the white coagulate and let yourself admire it and feel grateful for this life blessing.

Add few drops of water and cover them, so the white on top of the eggs, too, coagulates a bit under the steam.

Cook them soft or hard, the way you like them, and serve them with a sprinkle of your choice spices (mine here – white pepper, powdered basil, thyme and grated mozzarella cheese)


In a way or other I try to eat my eggs every day. I grew up like this and after learning in the medical school about all the good things in eggs, I treasured them even more.

According to those smarty weight measuring machines the personal trainers in Gyms want you to listen and pay attention to, my internal fat is 1 or 2, which is ideal.

So of course I tell you from my life long butter and egg well fed heart – treasure eggs and eat them freely when you feel like it, the way you feel like it. (Of course, the best way is raw yolk and cooked white).

Few of my breakfasts in the last month.

Have an egg bright day!
Live simple

Think higher.

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2 thoughts on “Eggs

  1. Thank you so much I was always worried about eating too much eggs. Can I do the same with normal eggs as well ? Thanks and God BlessKiran Rasheed

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    1. My next article is going to be targeted on your question Kiran.
      Until then, yes, it’s ok to eat chicken eggs when you feel like it, 1-3 if you feel like it and your digestive system can take it.

      It is good to have also breaks from eggs, few days in a row, to let your digestive system reset, it will work then better.

      And keep in mind that the soft yolk, raw yolk it is easier to digest, so go for that of you can.

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