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How to Digest Fat Better

We want Yummy Food – Our body wants Enough Nutrients

Is it possible to have both things at once?

Have you ever wondered how the nutrients in food get to your precious cells? How hard or easy do you make it for your body to extract them? Hundreds of the calories you eat every day are used in this process. Now that might sound good to you, but the fact is that you might also wear out your organs, by doing too much unnecessary work, and that is not good at all.

Wouldn’t you want to eat in such way that after your meal, instead of feeling drowsy and like you need another break, you feel fresh and energized? Continue reading How to Digest Fat Better


Cholesterol? Yum! Give me more!

A normal person needs at least 900-1200 mg cholesterol every day in order to stay healthy.

Cholesterol is in the membrane of every single cell and you have to maintain and build up cells every single day. If the cholesterol will disappear from your cells – you will, too.

One egg brings on average about 300 mg of cholesterol. Your liver will have to make the rest from whatever you give to him, spending some precious energy, of course, your choice. Continue reading Eggs