We want Yummy Food – Our body wants Enough Nutrients

Is it possible to have both things at once?

Have you ever wondered how the nutrients in food get to your precious cells? How hard or easy do you make it for your body to extract them? Hundreds of the calories you eat every day are used in this process. Now that might sound good to you, but the fact is that you might also wear out your organs, by doing too much unnecessary work, and that is not good at all.

Wouldn’t you want to eat in such way that after your meal, instead of feeling drowsy and like you need another break, you feel fresh and energized?

Homemade organ meat pate toped with garlic, wholegrain mustard, dry thyme and basil served on fermented german bread. Leafy greens juice with coconut oil floating on top.

It is important to know what can you do to get the maximum from your food, especially when it comes to nutrients like fat that requires an elaborate process to digest. Make an effort to eat good fat every day, with every meal, because it is an essential nutrient. That means you really need it because your body can not make some of the nutrients found in the good fat and for that reason you need to eat it every day and you should make sure you have it in sufficient amount otherwise you might get sick.

Also fat keeps you at bay from hunger and happy all day long.
Here are few tips on how can you digest fat better, a few habits that you might consider to introduce and reinforce in your life to enjoy better health. Take your time, work to implement one at a time and enjoy your food better.

Employ other food to help you digest fat (and protein as well) 

You already start digesting fat in your mouth if you chew well and consciously your food. But are you aware you can employ other food to do this for you while it is still on the plate? That not only will spare some of your precious resources, but will also enhance the flavor of your food. Just give it a try.

Lemon-herbs steak topping: 1 cup of parsley, lemon/lime juice and a bit of zest, certified extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper on top of a grass fed-beef steak. Be aware that this red lean meat here is protein and fat as well. Hidden fat? No, just the other half of the membrane of each animal cell and its structural components which are half protein-half fat.

Include in your diet the food that helps digestion of fat and proteins, usually sour, acidic food for example lemon juice, homemade mayonnaise, acidic foods, fermented foods. Marinating in, sprinkling on, dipping into and combining your fatty bites with this savory food will help break down the fat even before your first bite.

Chew like “there is no next bite”!

Once it made it into your mouth – chew it well. Some people will advice you to chew one mouthful 40-60 times.

Others will tell you to do it until the food gets liquid and silky and heads unstoppable down your throat.

I say you chew it until you discover all the layers of each flavor munching them out one after another. Just have fun with it. First acknowledge the texture and each of the ingredients. Enjoy every bite. Mix well and walk it through your mouth, let every part of your mouth enjoy the sensations and the flavors. While you do this, more saliva will be produced, the nutrients start to be exposed and some even extracted and absorbed directly under your tongue. Your are already feeding your cells while enjoying the experience.

After you take the decision to take chewing seriously and do it diligently you will see it is worth all the time and the effort you put in.

Chew your food well, discover all the flavors, let your gratitude flow. 

Well done.

Now reinforce another healthy eating habit and get better at the old ones.

Hydrate Optimally 

Drink water when you are thirsty, when you have a craving or just to treat yourself the way you deserve, with care, all day long. That will be very helpful to your general well being, especially if you live in a hot weather country or work under dry air conditions, like in air-conditioned environment.

Do you know that 9 liters, almost 2 buckets of digestive juices are produces, used and recycled in your digestive system throughout the day? When you are really thirsty, every cell in your body is thirsty and may not function properly.

When it comes to body hydration is better to be proactive than reactive. It will make a difference for your body and mind. Have 2 liters of water liquids in your system every day, or as much as you feel like it, even more, and if it’s possible, not all in a gulp, but throughout the day.

Have your drinking water around. Carry the water with you, don’t stay thirsty.

Think of strategies how to do it. You will thank yourself for it! 30 to 15 minutes before each meal, get that big glass of water down the throat to make sure you have enough water to produce digestive juices. Plan how to do it, work on it, donate money to the charity when you don’t make your quota for the day, find the way that motivates you best. And when you made it a habit, reward yourself again by going out for a movie, or do something you always dreamed of doing.

Pay attention to your body. Hydrate it properly and serve it well if you want to be served well. If you get into this habit, this might solve your cravings, too, in case you have some.

If You Don’t Use It, You Loose It: Train Your Digestive System to Work Better.

Train your liver and gallbladder to meet up with the fat in a systematic way. Putting fat into your digestive system is like taking your gallbladder to the gym to grow good, strong muscles, it will do its job happy and well.

If not used – will get lazy, store the bile and toxins coming from the liver until it makes you sick. These toxins are meant to be discharged in intestine and disposed of quickly, daily with your stool and not sink into a sea of underused, stale bile. Exercise your gallbladder, use it, because if you don’t, you might lose it. Nowadays so many people lose their gallbladders unnecessarily! You don’t have to be one of them.

Eat good fat and only that, try avoid the bad fat which in reverse might overwork your liver and gallbladder, because the bad fat (the refined fat exposed to heat, air and light) has to be taken care of, too, and again the liver is in charge for that, to digest and dispose of it, to detoxify you.

You may have heard of this liver and gallbladder health booster which stimulates the production and secretion of digestive juices and intestinal health by drinking oil on an empty stomach. Yuk!

But you know, this doesn’t have to be a torture. How about you do something healthy that you even enjoy? Mix 1-2 tsp. of certified, great quality, extra virgin olive oil with 1-2 tsp. lemon/lime/any citrus fruit and shake it well in a jar. That will make the resulting mixture which is now an emulsion, quite pleasant to drink. And these citrus juices will break down big droplets of fat into very tiny ones, increasing the surface that is exposed to your digestive juices, making the digestion easier. You may choose to try it for a month and see how it feels. To me it felt great.

This procedure done for a month is like boot camp training for your liver and your gallbladder to make them fit for digesting fat. It helps with constipation as well in case you experience it, or you just want to prevent it.

To make the magic mixture that teaches your liver to be smarter, faster, better equipped for its job, it takes just a 1-minute.

Left: big bubbles of fat; Right: shake the jar, shake it well until you see fine bubbles!

You will see how the big droplets of fat are breaking down into very fine ones, increasing the surface for digestive juice to do their job which is great. (Same thing happens when you eat the solid fat, from meat, when you warm it up and chew it well. This is why you like your fatty steak hot. Another tip on how to make fat easier to digest is to have some vegetables with the mouthful of fatty food. Leafy greens will do best. That will give ground for more grinding and mixing and breaking fat droplets into something easy to work with for your body and will also increase the nutrient absorption from vegetables).

Into the first tablespoon in the picture below, there is orange juice mixed with oil, that is in a “semi-digested” state, tiny, emulsified droplets of fat, that will be processed much easier into your intestine in this form, with greater absorption and less energy consumption.

Now the oil-citrus juice mixture is very close to what your body, deep inside, (the small intestine) dreams of. Close to what you can finally use and get into your bloodstream.

Fat (lipid) digestion and absorption

When you become aware and eat this way you will save the precious bile. The bile is your ultimate tool made by the liver to help you get through fatty food and break it down to those essential fat nutrients without which we can’t survive.

It is true that bile accumulates also substances that your liver wants to get rid of, to be flushed down the toilet with your stool, when you squeeze them out from the gallbladder, which happens when fat is coming in your digestive system.

But the Bile is so precious to you that your body smartly recycles it almost completely. If your gut is healthy, more than 95% of it is reabsorbed and stored back into the gallbladder for the next meal.

Having a healthy, smooth flow of bile, recycling the bile better, using less energy to digest your fat by applying this tips here and eating smarter, will preserve energy, you should and you will feel better after having a good fatty meal.

And you can still get better. And the next tip is the most effective one to eat fat happily.

To Digest fat, you Need fat. It’s easier to Eat than to Make! Eat Good Fat!

The dietary fat is digested by… fat, adjusted by your liver to fit the purpose and stored in the gallbladder as bile. Why not eat the right, most efficient fat for that? The liver uses best quality fat to make bile. If you don’t give him these noble ingredients through your food choices he has to make them from the scratch and that will take a lot of energy, your energy.

Do you know which foods are the best to make bile? One of them is eggs. More precisely it is raw egg yolk. And not only that, but the magic ingredients in egg yolk (phospholipids) act like digestion helping friends, making fat digestion easier. They also keep separated those little fat droplets from other fat that you ingested along with them, ready for your intestine to receive them happy. It works similar to the lemon juice and the oil in the jar after shaking it well.

This is one of the reasons that homemade properly prepared mayonnaise it is healthy food.

Moreover, the fat in the egg is already ready for absorption. It was made that way, emulsified by Mother Nature and you don’t need to do it anymore, it saves your energy. Things are so easy for your digestive organs when they meet up the fat in the raw eggs yolk. It is a perfect match. This is why you may like eggs so much! I do! And poached eggs are my favorite breakfast.

The same thing applies to fresh milk, butter and fresh cream. These too, contain emulsified fat, ready to be absorbed, made ready for you by Mother Nature.

Eat Fat Smart!

Be aware, once you expose this healthy fat in milk, butter, fresh cream and yolk to heat to cook them, this harmonious state – the emulsion – is lost. The fine bits of fat will come together and stick. There will be no more little droplets, so easy to digest, but a big mass of casual, less friendly fat.

Oops! Your liver and bile and digestive juices will have to work now unnecessary, to bring them back at where they were when you started cooking them. But hey, this is why we have a choice.

Mindfulness means to be mindful to your body as well. You may try this and that advice, but most important is to eat simple, nutrient dense food and listen to your body, adjust your choices accordingly and be consistent.

Don’t settle for less than the best, especially when you do have a choice. That choice might be sometime to-not-heat-process milk, butter, fresh cream and egg yolk (very soft poached eggs are still good if you can’t stand them raw. ) They are best just the way the mother nature made them and packed them.

Make sure you have as much as you like of this wonderful, best quality fat. Don’t worry about the reputation of fat, because it is just a reputation coming from the good fat’s bad association with vegetable oils and refined, starchy food and sugar. So stop associating them and the good fat will get rehabilitated.

Use your common sense, what is the most valuable food in any culture? How did we come so far as species on this Planet? We didn’t have dietary recommendations, we used observation, experience and common sense. If you are not sure just ask your grandma. No matter from what culture you are from, eggs, butter, fresh cream are some of the best fat on Earth and your body will know when it had enough of it. You simply can’t eat too much of this fat when you cook it simply and eat it slowly. Just try!

It is essential for our health to bring the truth to light and nail down the real culprits, for the sake of world health, which is your health, too. Dare to make the change, turn your back to this “food mafia” and see how the good fat makes you feel. Let me know and let others know as well.

Here is one simple, yummy, recipe for an exquisite dish for you to get inspired:

Homemade Mayonnaise with Grass-Fed Butter and Free-Range Raw Yolk.

If you buy the best quality eggs/products that you can find – it is most likely that they are 99.07% to 100% bacteriologically safe and “raw” should not scare you. Check the warranty term; buy the freshest eggs, preferably from the store’s refrigerators and wash them well before you break the shell.

(Eggs from healthy chicken are rarely contaminated with salmonella. According to a study by USDA (Risk Analysis, April 2002, 22(2):203-18), only about 0.03 % of the 69 billion eggs produced annually are contaminated at all.)

My recommendation – buy the best eggs you can find. If you have a choice buy the first category below, or in this order if you find:

  1. pasture-raised – their living space should be 108 SQ. FT./hen (no antibiotics, full day outdoor access, 30-50% of the diet comes from grasses and natural foraging)
  2. free-range – living space 2 SQ.FT/hen (no antibiotics, limited outdoor access, no natural grasses, 100% grain based diet)
  3. cage-free – living space 1 SQ.FT./hen (antibiotics allowed, limited outdoor access, no natural grasses, 100% grain based diet)

To make the mayonnaise I used:

  • 20 grams of grass-fed butter
  • the egg yolk from a very soft boiled egg (for 3 min)
  • the lime juice from a medium size lime – as much as you like, just balance the sour with the salty flavour, make it slightly sour
  • 1 tea spoon of mustard
  • bit of homemade “crazy salt”

Mix slowly and carefully until everything gets creamy, homogenized.

Try to make it just before you’re serving the meal. It takes about 2 minutes. Please try to consume it all at once or within a day. If you find this amount too much in the beginning, share with your family. It goes well with many dishes.

Serve your fatty food with homemade mayonnaise to increase their digestibility and also to enhance its flavor.

Breathe in deeply, breathe out slowly.

Be present.

Mix and chew your food well, like there is no tomorrow.


Just One Regular Meal that Happened to be There 

The most important Message:

My most important message here: get rid of the fear of eating natural, real, non processed/unrefined fat if you have any. Throw all this fears on the processed food and stay away from it! Now is The Moment. Open your mind, learn and change for better.

If you have ever been afraid to eat the fat I talked about in this article, milk, fresh cream, butter, eggs, fatty grass-fed, traditionally raised animal meat, skin – this is your moment to leave your fear behind and enjoy the world of good fat.

Good fat is the fat that is fresh, natural, unrefined, preferably processed by you, coming from both animal and plant source. Slowly, slowly increase your good fat intake and do it smartly, start with the ready emulsified fat, use the tips I shared with you. Do it gradually and steady. Allow yourself to develop a taste for it and discover recipes that you enjoy fully and make you feel great.

Your calories may go up; this are the greatest calories, packed with essential nutrients. Hence you may choose to replace other foods that you eat to balance your calories, the food that is low or void in nutrients, the starchy food, sweets and vegetable oils. It is the best trade you can make and is a wise one. Maybe you really need it.

Good fat is essential. Good fat heals you, makes your skins smoother, your hair shinier, keeps your energy high for many hours, much more than any other food nutrients and dismantles your cravings. Your “happy” hormones will go up. Body, mind and life will be optimally reshaped.

Be open to change, be steady on your path and listen to your body.

Choose simple, eat simple, live simple.

Enjoy every mouthful and moment.

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