Pork – Organ Meat

(If you don’t eat PORK, I will soon share this recipe’s equivalent made with FISH )


In Romanian culture it has the fame to be the best food choice from all pork dishes, most nutritious and precious – TOBA.

I deeply disliked it when I was a child. I used to hate the fatty meat and removed all fat from my plate with surgical precision.  But with this particular dish it was difficult because the fat was mixed all over and hard to separate. It was one of my food big challenges because, luckily for me, I liked the non-fatty pieces and tried to eat it.

I had to learn in the medical school that fat is essential, and which fat is the best, to consciously come to better terms with fat and make the effort to eat it.

Now we are good, old friends.

Of course, grandma’s tricks helped: if you cannot eat easily the natural, home processed fat, like me, add some salt. Garlic, cheese, olives and herbs like thyme and basil are fat’s best friends. If you are at war with fat, this will help you make peace with it.

Remember, natural, minimally processed fat is your best ally and friend in your war with sugars. And “sugars” (sugar and all the industrially processed food with sugar and oils and even the processed, white grains after eating a certain amount of them) are the enemy! It is just a matter of time until you will have to face it, if you are not already aware of it.

Here is my best recipe: a family heritage, handed to you with love and the hope you will make good use of it.

This food is a rare-and-precious-nutrients-treasure-chest, treat it likewise. Cook it with care and eat it gratefully.

Ingredients (pork organs, skin, bones and fat. In Singapore I buy them from the wet market):

– 200 gr. skin

– 1 front leg, with a bit of meat

– The jaw – bone, meat, fat, skin

– 1 ear

– 1 heart

– 1 tongue

– 2 kidneys

– 500 gr. pig belly if you want it more fatty

– Spices: laurel leafs 4-5, black pepper 10-20, cloves 2-3, 1 teaspoon of thyme, sea salt to taste (make it a bit salty, you will enjoy it better and it will preserve better.)

Clean and wash well all the pieces, especially the kidneys. Remove all the white tissue from inside the kidneys. Cut them in halves and do your best to take out all the white tissue with the tip of a very sharp knife. Then keep it in salty water for few hours, change the water several times.

Put everything in a pot and just cover everything with water, collect the foam when is starting to boil, then boil for about an hour or until the meat comes easily out of the bones (shouldn’t be too soft, try to preserve its texture).

When the meat is ready cooked, separate the bones from the meat.

Pour the broth back to cover the meat. Save the broth leftover in the fridge to use it as a liquid base for your next soup.

Put the tray in the fridge. In few hours or overnight it changes into a solid block that will slide easily out of the tray.

Cut it in cubes of small size, each cube to be finished at once, during a meal.

Wrap each cube well to save them from oxidizing and spoiling the fat and store them in the freezer.

When you wish to eat it, take a cube out of the freezer 12 hours before serving, and keep it to de-freeze in the fridge to avoid water condense.

Serve it with garlic sauce (garlic, lime juice, certified, cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt).

The remaining broth will also change into solid gelatin when it cools down, and the fat, the tallow, will collect on top.

You can collect it with a spoon and use it to cook your food in it instead of vegetable oils (which, hydrogenated or not, are the main source of the so called “bad fat”: rancid fat and trans fat).

As you can see in the picture, there is very little fat in the broth – the dark little spots.

Most of the broth is protein, collagen – gelatin.

Gelatin is great for your bones, joints and skin, and is very yummy. Many people buy collagen supplements, but the natural version, the one you make at home is the best. 

It also makes a wonderful soup. (Even if in this picture looks rough, once you warm up the soup, it is silky, smooth, soothing and very nutritious, it will curve your hunger for many hours.)

Remember about the Organ Meat Dish – that is one, if not the most, nutritious food on Earth. You don’t need to eat it all the time, neither eat too much at once. Eat little and just  make sure you eat organ meat once in a while. Give it to kids. If you serve it with salt, they can eat it easily. In time they grow to like it. They really need it to grow healthy and strong.

“Toba” is a wonderful food to serve at home for your family, and also as a take out for an impromptu party with your friends. Enjoy it. Share the good food.

Few Spicy Details on Organ Meat:

  1. It is one of the most nutritious natural food, deposit of the best (essential) nutrients: fat, proteins, vitamins and rare minerals. An Essential Nutrient is a nutrient which our body can not make and needs to be provided through the food we eat, otherwise we get sick.
  2. It is recommended by Dr. Terry Wahls, who recovered miraculously from severe Multiple Sclerosis with her ingenious and well researched diet-program in which organ meat was one of the key ingredients. (See “The Wahls Protocol” book)
  3. It is regarded as a food treasure in almost all cultures, everywhere in the world. This was the choice food that all mothers in the past used to give to their kids and the ancient wisdom is soundly supported by modern science.  
  4. If you are on an omnivorous diet this is a king-super-food that you really don’t want to miss. 

I hope you find this information helpful.

Look for the Fish version of this super recipe, which is soon to come. 


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