Chia Aromatic Bliss and Holly Plums Drink

I try to eat/drink chia seeds and plum as often as I can, every day if I feel happy thinking at having them.

And how not to be happy when I know how good they are for my digestion, blood, bones, skin, hair, you name it?

Here are two simple ways to have them every day – my favorites. Enjoy!

Chia Aromatic Bliss

  • 30 gr. chia seeds
  • 3-4 limes – fresh juice (it will help break down the seeds, make it easily digestible)
  • one big table spoon of Manuka Honey (optional: less is better)
  • fresh green leaves of mint and stevia
  • 1 liter of look warm, filtered, water (if the water is less – just make sure there is some clear water on top after they settle and soak a bit
Put the filter water, juice and honey in a big jar with wide mouth.
Swirl fast the water with a spoon and while the water is swirling, gently pour/sprinkle the seeds on top to avoid making lumps of seeds.
Leave it aside for at least 30 min. Best – served after 8 hours. Wonderful when chilled.
One word about the omega 3 and 6 of plant origin – they are not the final forms of essential fatty acids (FA), will discuss later on that. The body still needs to work on them to produce those FA that can be used as essential.
Usually for seeds only 5 to 7 % of the amount stated on the label can be transformed in the body into those essential FA.
Also the absorption depends on how well you chew them.

Holly Plums 

  • 5 to 7 dried plums
  • 150 – 200 ml boiling water
  • mint leaves to taste
  • adding raisins will enhance the sweet flavor 
Cut the plums – as fine threads as you can, put them in a cup.
Crush the mint leaves in a pestle.
Pour the boiling water over the shredded plums.
Add the green mint leaves and the lime juice and stir.
Leave aside 30 min.
The more you leave it, the sweeter becomes.
The branched structure of “the starch” is cut down to simple sugars – monozaharides by the enzymes in the fruit and leaves activated through crushing, cutting. The more time you leave it aside – the sweeter it becomes, more simple sugars are released in the water. You can call it pre-digestion, it will be now easier to digest.
Also the soluble fibers are soaking into the water and retaining more before getting into the digestive system, it won’t steal from the intestinal mucus. Otherwise having too much fibers, without enough water can lead to constipation.
When cooled down a bit becomes a wonderful desert.
Don’t forget to chew well.
Live simple,
Think higher
Love, Lili

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