I am Lili Elena Dogarel, a Romanian Medical Doctor and Essential Nutrients Expert.

I am mother to 3 magnificent beings that I am lucky to call my kids, and wife to Mr. Perfect, enjoying life together since high school.

I am a passionate speaker, trainer, coach, dedicated to preventive and integrative medicine.

My approach to health is tridimensional,  evidence-based, practical science applied holistically to food-body and mind.

Since diabetes is spreading like a contagious disease, it is my passion to help more people reverse their chronic conditions and restore their health, as I once did for myself, thanks to the amazing nutritional knowledge I received in the medical school from my eminent teachers and especially the Director of the Romanian National Institute of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Disease – Acad. Member, Prof. Dr. C. Ionescu Targoviste.

That knowledge saved and influenced my whole life and I am as happy to give it forward, as are those who receive it.

See in 2 minutes what they have to say: 

To support all these dimensions of health – food, body, mind,

I deliver Restorative Health Presentations and Programs designed to empower, energize and transform, so you can enjoy fully every moment of a well-long-lived life.

My programs are systematic and effective, providing essential education, coaching, continuous support, and focus on 5 pillars: 

1. Essential nutrition for one (coaching) or all (workshops) –  to implement whole food diets, learn what is the best food for you to recover health and ensure your pick performance and true wellness. activate healing mechanisms, reinforce lifestyle habits and behaviors to support your health life long

2. Health Psychology (counseling and coaching) – identify all possible sources for your health issues – learn to use tools and resources to empower yourself to become more healthy

3. Move to enjoy (guidance and training) – connect with your body in an enjoyable way, activate the synergy mind-body

4. Continuous health education –  on multiple health dimensions 

5. Membership and support within a community of likeminded people 

The Guaranteed Outcome 

Sustainable weight loss (if you need it), energizing and getting into best shape, physically and emotionally

Blood markers optimization

Life changing membership to a community of like minded people, who take charge of their health in an enjoyable way

True preventive medicine – through continuous education with life long impact


As Your Health Guide 

It is my passion and honor to show you the path towards true wellness, body and mind.

It is important to me that you go at your own pace, on a path that suits your preferences, lifestyle, a path you can sustain and enjoy.

Together we will set goals and develop a care plan that is best for your needs today and well into the future and will systematically follow through.

You’ll be empowered with the resources and tools to support your long-term success in achieving your healthiest best.

Reverse D


To complement my integrative approach to health 

I founded The Evergreen Health – Outdoor Fitness Club (2013) – for people that enjoy breathing and getting body and mind fit, surrounded by nature.

We meet twice/week, outdoor, and besides high intensity interval training, we practice yoga-breathing, stretching and gratitude.


I founded Sourdough Society (2015) – that now has more than 400 members, throughout the world – people passionate about good nutrition, the healing properties of food and fermentation, starting with the sourdough culture.

We meet once a month for nutritional and fermentation courses, we thrive together in an inspiring community on facebook and once in a while we meet to celebrate sourdough and good food during our potlucks.

Sourdough Society 20, with logo on top



I hope you too will join our happy community and we will enjoy together a happy, long and fulfilling life. Your Health is in Your Hands. Take Charge!


Power up your health now!

To learn more write to me at lili.dogarel@guidedoctor.com



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