Take Charge of Your Health Talk-Series, by dr. Lili Dogarel is designed to inspire and empower you with the right information to take impactful actions on medical based guidance so you can perform at your peak capacity and enjoy a long life, without debilitating chronic diseases and in the pink of your health.
This impactful and effective health talk series are my passion and a way of giving forward precious medical information that restored my health and saved my life many years ago.
In Singapore I started to deliver it with passion since 2103, in local schools, communities and private companies.
The Minister of Education at the time, Mr. Heng Swee Keat, acknowledged my contribution as a health educator in Eunos Primary School, during the 2014 PSG National Conference. 
These life-changing presentations and events are customized for you, paying attention to your needs and are meant to clear your confusions and choices about healthy food, inspire and motivate you to act now and empower you with the right information and tools you can use to recover and improve your health, through the right food, for now and for life.
See what a 2013 participant has to say:
Haslindah Bahrom 
See what a 2017 participant has to say:
The next free event is on August 3rd, 2019 and is specially designed for people who want to take charge of their health and are determined to reverse their diabetes (type II) and pre-diabetes.
The presentation is based on the latest scientific findings and offers proper medical guidance.
In 2017, there were more than 600 000 diabetic Singaporeans, that is 13.8% of Singaporeans, or more than 1 in 9, according to  International Diabetes Federation:
The the numbers are going up every year and for each diagnosed diabetic, there is usually a pre-diabetic also, that may soon become diabetic if there is no awareness and no prompt action.
If nothing is done to reverse it, the complications that destroy the internal organs are inevitable, painful and very expensive:
See above the estimated cost of Diabetes in Singapore – the number of victims and the cost are on the rise. Don’t be one!
Are you a diabetic or pre-diabetic? Get tested now! 
Free Blood Sugar Testing 
You can benefit tremendously from my free event and you and only you can make a real difference, as once I did for myself, after I learned how,  the right way, the way that works.
To encourage you to take charge of your health, I am going to have a free blood sugar testing (by glucose-meter) on July 25th and July 26th at the HDB Bazaar, from 11am to 2pm, and you can choose your preferred interval for testing.
The testing is limited to 30 persons/hour, so please book your preferred time slot now.
Please don’t eat and drink 2 hours before testing.
The attendance to the Bazaar is by invitation only, that you received already. 
To register for the free blood sugar testing during the Bazaar go to:
Take Charge - Blood test 20190725
You can also message me at: lili.dogarel@gmail.com.
Those who are discovered or known to be diabetic (type II) and pre-diabetic are invited to my free event, which already changed the lives of many people!
“Diabetes and Pre-diabetes – Beat Them Now!”  
life-changing health presentation
Food as medicine - Visual
August 3rd, 2019
Venue: TBA
Time: 10.30am to 12pm
Welcome Snack to Inspire, Nourish and Delight diabetics, pre-diabetics and all – (optional, $5, opt for it here: )
You will learn about:
– diabetes and pre-diabetes – causes
– the systematic approach on how to reverse it (works for prevention too)
– how to monitor and consistently improve your blood tests results and your overall health
See the testimonies of some of those who learned this life changing information before:
To register for the free event go to:
Take Charge - Beat them 20190803