Preeti shared with us her experience in the 1-on-1 programme with Lili. Excerpts:

Hi there. My name is Preeti Kohli.

I met Dr. Lili in January 2020. I had been suffering from a whole bunch of health issues, some of which had gotten even worse by beginning of January when I tested (at) pre-diabetic sugar levels and lasted because of a lot of stress. I had a close shave with breast cancer, which thankfully I kind of dodged that bullet. Been overweight, have severe acidity issues, was on Nexium for many many, almost 11 years.

And I’d come to a point where I tried so many things that when one of my friends suggested I go see Dr. Lili, I just grabbed the chance. She was just coming back from her holiday in Japan and she very kindly agreed to see me and we spent two, two-and-a-half hours and I think it’s been a complete turn in my life – meeting her and being under her care for the last two, two-and-a-half months.

I think very simply, she’s just… her holistic way of looking at things just completely transformed the way I look at my food, my plate, the way I started living my life. Of course, a lot of things have changed in everybody’s life with coronavirus and I have had my stress points, etc. It was very easy for me to have just fallen off the wagon, but Dr. Lili’s always been there, you know, morning, evening, very late at night, holding my hand through this entire process.

And I am so happy to report that, first of all, my blood sugar is down to 4.7. It was sitting at 6 and a half, 7, for some time. That, I think I achieved in about a month. I’ve dropped 9 kilos, and it’s been very systematic, very very easy.

I’m loving the food. I’ve given up a lot of things which…actually I haven’t given up too much, I have, I’m actually eating things that I really love. I love my cheese and my milk and you know, I learned how to make my sourdough crackers which has just changed my way of looking at food, and kefir, and my own yoghurt and… you know, looking at my plate and seeing what’s really missing and you know, putting it together, and coming up with interesting recipes, which oftentimes Dr. Lili asked me to share with her as well. It’s been fantastic, because I’m now not scared. 

I’m not scared that if I, for example this week, I was vegetarian for a religious reason, my weight has not really moved up even though my carbs have gone up a little bit. I’m not scared – I know that I can come back – and more importantly, I’ve changed a lot of things for my family, in terms of the way we’re all eating and that is a huge, huge success because these are tools which I can now use for, you know, probably the rest of my life. And this gradual drop in weight, in being more healthy, is something which I’m deeply grateful to Dr. Lili for.

Moreover, she’s actually just armed me with a bunch of tools and holistic principles, on sleep, on breathing, on stress management, on keeping myself calm. I’ve been sharing some of those with my family and my close friends, and everybody is kind of getting so much from this.

So thank you so much, Dr. Lili. I’d love to be part of this journey if I could be. In fact I could help you or help more friends connect with you on this because I think it would completely change their life. Thank you.